Fearnot Face Armor Lite 2021 Edition

sku: fearnot-face-armor-lite-2021-edition-black
Size U
Color Black
Wear it as a face mask, a scarf, headband or a cap. Anyhow, look awesome!

Made of a thin knitted cool-tech fabric with a vertical and horizontal system of elastic fibers. The material dries very quickly assuring good moisture absorption and keeping you warm at the same time.

The ear holders will hold it exactly where you want it.

100% made in Poland. Like all Fearnot apparel.

The graphic consist of our classic Fearnot slashed zero Ø symbol and a "HEROES ARE MADE NOT BORN" claim proclaiming your pursuit of mastery, joy and glory. Wear it proudly. It means you're up for anything and anytime. If you feel like it.
  • Manufacturer DoFearNot
  • Brand Fearnot
  • Model Lite
  • Gender Unisex
  • Material Polyester - cool-tech fibers
  • Availability 7-10 business days