Always on the go, riding, jumping, relaxing on the beach or going to your next destination? Fearnot shop website is built for people on the move with a mobile in their hand. Who has time for a desktop downtime? shop website is built as a Progressive Web App (PWA):

Works on any mobile device - use it on any mobile or desktop device for super easy shopping experience.
Works offline or with a poor connection - once you’ve visited it you don’t need an internet connection to browse the product catalog, add products to cart (even for the first time) or checkout (as a returning customer, up to the payment step).
Add it to your home screen as an app - get a Fearnot shortcut (icon) on your mobile phone to have easy access to Fearnot newest arrivals and Insta feed.
Works in a full-screen mode - once you’ve added it to your home screen it looks and works as any native mobile app without any distractions.

Not working as advertised?
Let us know!


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