is a fearless
apparel brand

Fearnot is a fearless apparel brand

Fearnot is a fearless apparel brand for adventurers seeking extreme challenges and willing to go against the elements and odds beyond what others consider easy, comfortable or even possible.

Why do we go beyond?

Why do we go beyond the realm of comfort, wait endlessly for the right conditions, jump at the opportunity to go big, leaving all doubts behind, exceeding our limits and expectations? Why do we keep at it, fall down, enter the kingdom of pain and humilitation, endure the suffering of failure?

Because we finally persevere

Because we finally persevere, emerge victorious, live through that special moment frozen in time, in our memories and stories we tell afterwards. That single moment of pure joy, adrenaline and victory over ourselves, the elements and impropability of success makes it all worth while. Because the skills we aquire and experiences we gather make us harder, better, faster, stronger.

the ride

Sharing the ride

Sharing the ride with our companions, retelling the stories of our feats and celebrating victories is an icing on the cake for a Fearnot athlete. We respect and embrace each others company as much as we respect the forces of nature, the odds against us and the risks involved. In the end, it’s totally worth the effort.

Heroes are not born
They are self made